They Played Their Hearts Out

Wednesday night I went our girls’ basketball game. They are all new players. They are mostly fourth and fifth graders.

The opposing team appeared to be mostly sixth graders. Tall sixth graders. Who appear to have been playing together much longer than our girls. They took a quick and commanding lead over our girls. And kept that lead to the end of the game.

Our girls are scrappy, though. They kept trying. They made a few baskets. Some of the girls showed their potential as athletes- they were fast, they moved the ball, and they tried for baskets. All of them played their hearts out. We are proud of them.

Our band made their first appearance as a pep band. They did add pep to the atmosphere. (And trust me, I know…the music room is right across the hall from my classroom, and I have been listening to them since day one. They were very un-peppy back then!) We are proud of them.

Our cheer/dance squad was there, too. Their repertoire of cheers is a little slim, but they are enthusiastic. They didn’t mask their disappointment very well when a technical difficulty postponed their dance performance from halftime to after the game. But they pulled themselves together for the performance. Such concentration! They worked hard to remember and perform their routine. One girl is a true dancer, and her free-spirited, natural dancing was a joy to behold. We are proud of them all.

The crowd of parents, siblings and teachers was relatively small, but truly appreciative of the kids and enthusiastic with both shouted advice and praise. And lots of clapping and cheering. Just the right thing for a bunch of kids playing their hearts out.

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8 Responses to They Played Their Hearts Out

  1. maryannreilly says:

    Sounds wholesome. Such importance to that

  2. Your post made me smile. Those were the days…!

  3. arjeha says:

    With all that support those girls are winners, With all that potential they are bound to grow as a team.

  4. lindabaie says:

    Your own enthusiasm mirrors all the others, too, Diane. No matter the loss, sounds like a great time for everyone.

  5. bevbaird says:

    Wonderful post. I miss those days of watching my kids play. Sounds like there was so much support for everyone. Lovely

  6. elsie says:

    Try, try, again, that’s the message I get from your night at the gym. What heart the players, band, and dancers had. I’m cheering for them too.

  7. Leigh Anne says:

    This sounds like such a huge production for a game at that age level – very impressive! Kudos to you as a teacher who attended. I know my students always appreciate it when their teachers attend their after-school activities.

  8. blkdrama says:

    Well… winning isn’t the only thing and it’s good to learn that now… Great kids!!!

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