Celebrating A Special Birthday

I was 10 years old when my “baby” brother was born. When he moved from the bassinet in my parent’s room to a crib, his crib was in my bedroom. He used to tell people he had a brother and sister, a daddy, and two mommies. Now my brother has a grandson, and today we celebrated our little guy’s first birthday.

What a delightful day! Joshua is a HAPPY baby. He really enjoyed the chicken finger lunch we had from Chick-fil-A (which his mommy, my niece, chopped up into tiny pieces for him). When he got his little cake, it was the chocolate frosting he liked best. After several bites of cake, his daddy helped clean him up so he could open presents- well, of course, mommy and daddy really opened the presents. He was the perfect little birthday boy, though. He played with each new toy for a few minutes and looked at the books he got- if you can count closing the pages every time mommy showed him a page! He tried to throw kisses to all of us. His technique is just a little off- he makes a smacking sound, then puts his hand on his mouth and holds it out. Too cute. It looked like he was going to fall asleep on grandpa’s chest, but he kept faking us out and popping back up to see what was going on. As much as he smiled, we smiled, too. Happy, happy birthday, little guy!


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4 Responses to Celebrating A Special Birthday

  1. What a special blessing for you to experience! Your “baby” being a Grandpa! Does that make you a “Great grandma”? Haha…

  2. rushcl says:

    Baby happiness is so contagious–even when passed along through your words!

  3. lindabaie says:

    Oh, those one year old birthdays are so cute. I always wonder what they think of that gooey sweet stuff called cake! This does sound like a special day for all of you. Not quite the same, but my brother was 7 years younger, and it was fun to watch him grow up!

  4. arjeha says:

    How adorable. Of course the icing is the best part of the cake.

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