Fake News

There has been much discussion recently of fake news on the national level. Today it touched closer to home in a local news story that was filled with inaccuracies. I wonder where the reporter found the “facts.” Someone must have provided the untruths…either that or the truth was twisted in the reporting. Those not close enough to know would have had no reason to doubt what they heard. But the story, if repeated, would have had the power to hurt. Fortunately, it was an incident with a quick resolution, so hopefully that will not be happening.

Just a reminder to check the reliability of news you hear or read. Just a reminder why it is so important to teach our students to be independent thinkers who know how to do the same.

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3 Responses to Fake News

  1. lizzypru says:

    I finally found you! Thank you for all of your comments and support over the last 7 days. Your thoughts about fake news really give me something to think about. I do hope our students will be independent thinkers too!

  2. dandre3 says:

    This has become an issue that not only we need to keep in mind while reading, but also help students to learn. So very troubling.

  3. arjeha says:

    How true. We are so ready to believe everything we hear on the news or read in the paper because, after all, it’s in the news.

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