A Full Weekend

Friday evening- lots of time reading slices, commenting

Saturday morning I got my slice in early before going to our District Literacy Extravaganza- featuring Donalyn Miller (of course it was great!)

Saturday afternoon I spent time with my sister and we visited at my niece’s (my two
year-old great nephew was in a two-year-old mood: NO hugs or kisses but plenty of

Saturday evening I went to the movies with my sister and older great-nephew: we saw
Hacksaw Ridge (well, I heard it all, though I closed my eyes for most of the
war scenes- it is based on an amazing true story and makes you appreciate even
more the WWII generation and their sacrifices)

Sunday morning I was almost late to Bible study, not because I forgot to set my
clock but just because it was hard to convince myself to get out of bed when it
seemed so early

Sunday afternoon I had some yummy Arroz con Pollo at a favorite restaurant, saved
half for tomorrow’s lunch so I could also have a lovely flan with caramel sauce-
then I came home and had a nap before trying to get all the usual chores done

Sunday evening I watched the news- upset to hear of more threats to Jewish Community
Centers (including the one in our city) and wondering how this could be
happening, thinking of all those about to get another snowstorm (winter storms
have missed us every time this year)

Now it’s back to reading slices, commenting, and writing my slice

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4 Responses to A Full Weekend

  1. lindabaie says:

    Diane, it sounds like the most pleasant of weekends. Have a good week ahead, too! Yes, the threats are scary to me & I wonder what I can do to help stop them. There are a lot of cities involved. Then I worry about who’s next.

  2. Ramona says:

    A wonderful full weekend! Looking forward to hearing more about your district morning with Donalyn Miller.

  3. arjeha says:

    I often just eat half of my meal when we are out so that I can have dessert. Priorities.

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