Going to a Party!!

You're Invited

Accepting the invitation from Leigh Anne at A Day in the Life and going to the Favorites Party!

It seems it’s been decided it will be a pajama party, so I’ll wear my favorite pj’s: soft, baggy, stretchy pants, blue, sprinkled with stars, and a blue, soft cotton v-neck top with 3/4 sleeves. And of course, my fuzzy blue slippers will be on my feet.

For a little treat, I’ll bring my favorite little chocolates- Hershey’s Kisses. Original milk chocolate, Hugs, and almond.

I’m a Pepper. Wanna be Pepper, too? I’ll bring some ice-cold Dr. Pepper.

Pens and notebooks have been covered by some of the other guests, so I will bring Crayolas, my favorite crayons. I’ll bring the Ultimate Collection of 152! It even has a sharpener. Nothing colors better than a good old crayola. And with all the wonderful color names, our imaginations can soar.

Since it is going to be a gathering of Slicers, I think I’ll bring an iPad. I just recently got my own teacher iPad at school, and now I want one that is really my own. With an iPad at the party, we can share our blogs, take pictures, create some great slices. Lots of fun!



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8 Responses to Going to a Party!!

  1. lvahey says:

    I missed this idea, so I’m so glad I clicked on your post today… what a great idea, and you framed it so convincingly, I was sorta hoping we were all gathering on Saturday night 🙂

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    Yay! I love how slicers are joining this party! Food and comfort seems to be the thing for now! I love the crayons! Nothing like a new box of sharpened crayons – the BEST! Thanks for coming, Diane!

  3. I’m coming tomorrow, Diane. I didn’t know about the pj’s-hurrah. I’m bringing the softest comforter to share! I didn’t know about the HUGE box of crayons, only use markers lately. That sounds wonderful. See you soon!

  4. arjeha says:

    What a great list. You can never go wrong with a box of crayons.

  5. Ramona says:

    I still remember my daughter’s delight when she was gifted a BIG box of crayons by her aunt. With your ULTIMATE COLLECTION, we’ll have plenty for everyone and lots of color names to explore. What a fun evening!

  6. cvarsalona says:

    Diane, I am in and am excited about our virtual party. I did not know that there was an Ultimate Collection of 152 crayons. I will love to share some of your fabulous colors. Day 15 slice has my favorite picks.

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