That Was Funny!

As an ESL teacher, I get  to work with some of my students several years in a row. Since I often co-teach in the grade level classrooms, I have the chance to continue seeing students even after they move out of the ESL program. The best part of this is watching them grow into confident learners and grow into their unique personalities. This year one boy has really surprised us as he has started to shine as an artist. He has become an active participant in class. And he has revealed a great sense of humor. Who knew? He used to be so quiet!

We recently did some comic strip writing in his class. He was inspired to create a comic of his own. He was so proud of it, he wrote about it on his blog. Today we did another mini-lesson, this time based on single-picture cartoons. The class looked at the caption-less pictures and brainstormed ideas. It was kind of like pulling teeth at first. Most didn’t really get the example we used, and they were having a hard time making connections. Then they all burst out laughing when a picture reminded them of a character from The Great Gilly Hopkins which they just finished reading. That got the ball rolling.

So the next picture is like this: there are penguins standing on ice floes. One is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The boy I mentioned above raised his hand and delivered his one-liner: “Why is the sand so hard?” The class cracked up.

After school, he brought another cartoon- his own original drawing- to our blogging club to write about. He said, “You get it? Like lip balm?”


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5 Responses to That Was Funny!

  1. Maureen says:

    Oh my! These are great! How special it must be to see your students blossom in this way! So exciting. Heartwarming to read this slice.

  2. failingreatly says:

    So rewarding to see children grow from year to year! It really does pay off!

  3. What a rewarding experience to see a once quiet student grow into themselves! With a great sense of humor. 🙂

  4. Haha! Love it, Diane! What a pleasure to work with wonderful children, and a testament to the power of co-teaching!

  5. Ramona says:

    It is so fun to know students long enough to watch this growth. And this young man has exploded. I love this line, “grow into their unique personalities.” It was fun to see our 6th graders mature into 7th and 8th graders and experience growing into themselves. Even though I didn’t teach them again, I got to see them around school and in extracurricular activities.

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