Trees in March

The March morning sun
falls on bare brown trees
Setting them aglow,
revealing the budding
potential of the
green to come

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9 Responses to Trees in March

  1. Our snow is melting fast! The green may get there faster than you think

  2. bjdonaldson says:

    What a wonderful ode to spring. This part is so beautiful,

    “revealing the budding
    potential of the
    green to come”

    Thanks for the slice.

  3. Alice Nine says:

    Lovely. I read it the second time as a metaphor for people, and it was even lovelier.

  4. maryannreilly says:

    Needed this today. Here everything is white and cold, frosted over.

  5. I saw this same potential here where I live yesterday. You have to look closely but when you do you can feel it. I was thinking (and writing) about light today too. Your poem is lovely – each word is just right to make your message so clear.

  6. Donna Smith says:

    I am not inspired for writing green yet. Maybe a tad jealous. We are so snow covered and cold, even the spring Jo-Ann Fabrics flyer feels out of place! Tomorrow’s post maybe!

  7. Ramona says:

    Love “bare brown trees.” They have a beauty all their own and mine are always sparkled with jewels (raindrops). I’ve tried so hard to capture a picture of those jewels, but no pic does justice to the beauty of each drop hanging jewel like from the bare brown branches.

  8. arjeha says:

    Sun is shining here. What a welcome sight after the last few days.

  9. djvichos says:

    Yay, I love the image of sun falling on the trees and illuminating their potential. Such a small poem with so much image.

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