Going to the Movies

Go to the movies with an 11-year old
You’ll see things in a new way
Get your tickets- for 3D if possible
Hanging out in the lobby before the show
It’s not just a wait, it’s time to play
And burn through as many quarters for The Claw
As you can trick someone out of-
“I’ll really win…next time! I’m sure”
Concession stand- you must make a stop there,
And get the biggest bucket of popcorn (with butter!)
And the tallest Icee they have- blue, of course
Carry it all toward the screen
Keep going, all the way to the front
Yes, we HAVE to sit in the front row, every time
It’s the only way to enjoy the show!

I guess you can tell where I was yesterday afternoon. There’s more to the story, though. I always like to spend time with my great nephew, but yesterday’s outing was special. Usually, we are with my sister, his nana, but yesterday she, my niece, and my niece’s husband were at court. For a custody hearing. My nephew’s birth father, who has never been a part of his life, had moved out of state and sued for visitation. Yesterday, the struggle ended.  (He agreed in court, to sign away his rights. In the best interest of his son. We understand it was not easy. It was a huge change of heart on his part.)

After the movie, we went to my sister’s, where my nephew was surprised with a big bunch of balloons and a “coming soon” poster with the adoption date and his name with the last name he will now share with his mom, little brother and his DAD. There was lots of crying, but also laughter, clapping, and hugging- more hugs than anything!

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7 Responses to Going to the Movies

  1. cvarsalona says:

    What a beautiful story, Diane. I am so glad for this happy ending. I am sure you are still celebrating.

  2. rosecappelli says:

    I love how you used the outing with your nephew to segue into the real story. What a great day for everyone! I think that calls for a round of blue Icees!

  3. blkdrama says:

    Not tour usual story of a movie outing with an 11 yr old but what a wonderful ending😍

  4. djvichos says:

    Going to a movie with an 11-year-old sounds amazing! I loved your detailed descriptions from burning through quarters to the supersized concessions. The story behind your movie date brought tears to my eyes. So happy all ended well.

  5. elsie says:

    In the best interest of the child, those are important words. What a wonderful celebration for you great-nephew and a joyous day for all involved.

  6. arjeha says:

    How wonderful for all involved. Cause for celebration.

  7. Tim Gels says:

    What a wonderful ending to your story. It’s made my allergies act up, but it also brought a smile to my face. I know of several similar stories going on around me right now, and it’s encouraging to see one with a happy ending. Thank you for sharing!

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