Just Watching Basketball

We were just three friends getting together to watch one of the Elite Eight NCAA games. Two are real sports fans. One is “Bracket Girl.” She filled out brackets with two different groups. She was bemoaning the fact that both of her brackets have been wrecked, but she has two picks that still have a chance. She has two sons with at least five sports between them. The other watches more sports than anything on TV. (Though she does like the old classic sitcoms and westerns.) I, on the other hand like the time with friends more than I care about sports. Growing up in Indiana, though, I do know basketball. It’s a requirement.

We watched the game. There were lots of comments about the plays, the players, the coaches, the colleges. But the conversation flowed back and forth to other topics. We talked about our kids. (Are there any moms who don’t talk about their kids? Even when they are mostly grown up?) We talked about horses (one friend is a horse lover- she and her husband have two trail horses and two racehorses) and laughed over a Facebook video of a miniature horse frolicking around the barnyard. In the middle of it all our friend told us about her latest doctor visit. She might be accepted into a clinical trial. Her current course of treatment offers an average of eight months life expectancy. It could be longer. She shares a few other details. Pause. We take her cue. Back to basketball. Let’s get together again for the Final Four.

Friends. Just watching basketball.

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5 Responses to Just Watching Basketball

  1. Andrea Clark says:

    I enjoyed your slice about friends spending time together. I wish I could see some of my friends more often.

  2. mgminer says:

    I’m pretty sure that basketball is why I didn’t hear from any of my kids today! Big games!

  3. lindabaie says:

    I think that this is not about basketball, but about loving and supporting friends, loving and supporting them in every way, allowing them to lead the way sometimes. I’m sorry for your friend, Diane, and wish best wishes for her, and hugs to you, too.

  4. lizzypru says:

    As I read your post, I was thinking,”Wow, I can’t believe how much these women know about basketball.” I rely on my students for any kind of sports info, but then I realized this wasn’t about basketball, but being with your dear friends and how you support one another.

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