We Didn’t Get Recess!

It was a field trip day today. The third grade went to the zoo. Walk, walk, walk. Ooooh! It’s seals! Walk, walk, walk. Put your hand in the water, keep it still. Use just two fingers…touch a shark! Walk, walk again. Play, play, play. Pretend to camp in the tent. Mold the kinetic sand. Build a tower with the magnetic blocks. Time to get in line and wait, wait, wait. Enter the butterfly garden for a moment of wonder to see so many fluttering all around.

Then rush, rush, rush over to the picnic area. Gobble down some lunch. Walk, walk, walk. Climb, climb, climb up the bleachers. Laugh and clap for those entertaining dolphins. Walk, walk, walk. Watch those bear cubs…are they fighting? No, playing! Walk a little more. Laugh at the silly monkeys, just hangin’ and swinging. A short walk to spy a tiger. Is that really an eagle? Time to go already? Walk, walk, walk in the bright (and hot) sunshine.

Get on the bus. A short ride back to school. Down the steps, then head back into the school. And what was heard as we passed through the door? Hey, we didn’t get recess today!

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4 Responses to We Didn’t Get Recess!

  1. wahooteacher says:

    The ending is priceless!

  2. Ramona says:

    So typical! Sounds like a wonderful field trip. I bet you’ll sleep well tonight.

  3. arjeha says:

    The most important part of a child’s school day. Love this.

  4. MAK says:

    Love that last line – I have heard it so many times after a full day field trip of moving around outside!

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