Oh, My Beautiful Flowers!

Every summer I look forward to this. I watch the stalks grow tall, fill with buds, and finally bloom.

I am not sure if it will happen this summer. You see, my flowers come up in a kind of unusual spot- right between two bushes. I am no landscape expert, and when I planted the flowers in a the big space between the bushes years ago, I did not anticipate how big the bushes would grow. I’ve thought about transplanting the flowers to a new spot, but I’ve grown accustomed to where they are, and I am afraid I might kill them if I tried to move them.

My neighbor intended to do me a favor by trimming my bushes. But the thing is, this is her first summer in the neighborhood. She’s never seen my hibiscus in bloom. Never been amazed by how many buds grow and bloom or how some of the blooms are as big as plates.

“There were some tall things poking up, ” she said, “I just trimmed them, but I’ll get in there and dig them out next time.” Then she was distracted by a friend pulling up at her house. I was still kind of in shock. I didn’t get to show her the pictures. I’ve got to get over there soon.

I hope the hibiscus will still grow and bloom so she can see them in their glory.

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3 Responses to Oh, My Beautiful Flowers!

  1. arjeha says:

    Oh my! It was nice of your neighbor to help, sounds like she can use a lesson in plants an shrubs. Hope your flowers bounce back.

  2. Andrea Clark says:

    This was an interesting little story. I hope your flower still blooms. I find such joy in gardening, and I can tell that you do too!

  3. elsie says:

    Yikes! Well meaning but come on, ask before trimming! I know they will grow back but you might have to wait another year.

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