The last time I saw my great-nephew, he was just starting to walk. He would stand, wobble to get his balance, take a step or two… then drop down to his hands and knees to take off crawling. Crawling was still his preferred manner of getting around. It was much faster.

That was just a little over a month ago. Saturday at our family get-together, he was walking confidently everywhere he went. (Well, he still hesitates when he has to go up or down a step… there was a little pile of toys at the threshold between the house and the enclosed porch where he would drop them as he tried to maneuver.) Most of the time he was a little blur of constant motion.

After such a busy day, we all thought he would quickly fall asleep when we got on the boat for a leisurely evening cruise on the lake. We were wrong. He decided to get his “sea legs.” He toddled among us, going from one pair of outreaching hands to another. He howled with outrage when he would fall, but bounced right back up to try again. He soon mastered it with his determined practice and was giggling with the delight of his accomplishment. He took a break to sit on grandpa’s (my baby brother!) lap and steer the boat:


Isn’t it amazing to see growth like that?

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4 Responses to Growing

  1. MAK says:

    It’s beautiful to see how growth happens when curiosity is the motivator. If we all tackled the world with zeal of just learning to walk.

  2. marilynyung says:

    Very visual post. I felt as if I was on that boat with you! It’s interesting to see how sheer tenacity is what gets us going in life. What a slice-worthy moment to preserve.

  3. What fun, lasting memories were made during just one boat ride.

  4. Ramona says:

    I love how you wrote about this young man’s determination to master walking on the boat. The pic of him with his grandpa (your baby brother) is delightful.

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