Evening Reflection

At the end of a warm, sunny day
I sit in the glider on my front porch as
Cooler air descends and
A slight breeze stirs.
Pink flowers sway gently on their stems
Leaves flutter on the trees.
Pigeons coo, birds twitter,
Cicadas hum, and crickets chirp-
In the background a train whistle blows,
Cars pass by, and a motorcycle rumbles.
A neighbor tap, tap, taps with a hammer,
Working on some project.
Kids call out to one another,
Absorbed in their play,
Rushing by on their bikes.
A couple stands in a driveway, saying farewell to a friend, and they all linger.
A dog strains at the end of its leash,
Sniffing and sniffing- the owner waves
As they walk by.
The lowering rays of sun cast light and
Shadows over the houses.
An ordinary evening, extraordinary
Peacefulness and gratitude.


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9 Responses to Evening Reflection

  1. Ah- I could picture it all! Thanks for all of the sensory detail that put me in this peaceful scene! I loved your last two lines especially.

  2. cmargocs says:

    Porch-sitting, my favorite outdoor activity! Your neighborhood sounds lovely; thanks for sharing the details that caught your attention.

  3. Ahhhh….that’s how this poem feels. Relief. Relax. Joy!

  4. maryannreilly says:

    A lovely sound and sight portrait of home.

  5. Adrienne says:

    You really captured a beautiful summer evening. I miss the sound of cicadas.

  6. marc-aureled says:

    When the calendar turns to August it is a reminder that summer is fleeting. Your post reminded me to get out on the deck to sit, listen and embrace these summer moments.

  7. arjeha says:

    How lovely this sounds. A perfect place to relax.

  8. Ramona says:

    Oh, I’m so glad to read another of your poems! I love all the details of the summer evening. What a gift to capture and share with us, thanks for taking the time to reflect on this ordinary evening.

  9. Your poem made me homesick for my porch! I’m away at a PD institute this week and missing my porch like nobody’s business. My husband has been Facetiming me from there, so I can hear the birds and feel like I’m home. “An ordinary evening/extraordinary peacefulness and gratitude.” Yes.

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