Long Day

Awake and out of the house,
On the road even earlier
Than usual

Quick stop along the way
To buy popsicles
For later

Arrive at daughter and
And son-in-law’s

Put popsicles in freezer
Make sure we have
What’s needed

A short drive to the
Surgery center
Sign in

Soon she’s ready and
Rolled away-
We wait

My grown-up “baby”
Got her tonsils

Done so fast
It went well
But now

Here comes a kind of
Rough recovery
They warn

So you see why
There was that
Quick stop

For popsicles

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1 Response to Long Day

  1. Ramona says:

    A stop for popsicles – essential for tonsils surgery. Glad you’re able to be with grown-up daughter for recovery.

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