Frozen Out

It has been a long time since we were scheduled to go back to school on January 2. There was a lot of debate about that plan. Most districts around us had return dates of January 3 or 8. Most everyone was happy about that long, full week off before Christmas but most everyone was grumbling about the idea of heading back so soon after the New Year holiday.

As it turned out, we are NOT back in school today. We are out for an “Inclement Weather Cancellation.” I can imagine the puzzled expressions at that announcement scrolling on the district webpage. Especially after the local news had a report about the preparations going on to make sure the buses would be ready to roll and that all the buildings would have adequate heat. With record breaking cold temperatures and near 30 below zero  wind chill, I am grateful not to be worrying about kids out in that weather waiting for buses.

There is even colder weather and much more snow on the ground in other areas around the country. I hope everyone, especially our schoolchildren, elderly, and homeless stay safe and warm in the extreme weather.

I hope I remember how glad I was not to have to go out in the cold when we have to make up this day later on!

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6 Responses to Frozen Out

  1. What a surprise to have another day off, although I’m sure you are much better off NOT having to go out and brave the elements. It is super cold here in Milwaukee too. I’m ready for spring! Stay warm, Diane!

  2. arjeha says:

    This is one reason I am glad I am retired. I don’t go out in the cold unless I want to. Happy New Year.

  3. I always loved snow/cold day…but not really on the end of vacation when everyone is gearing up again. xo

  4. My daughter went back to school today. It felt too quick. I would’ve liked for her to have one more day off, but, alas, there will probably be plenty of inclement weather days (considering how cold it has been!) to come.

  5. jarhartz says:

    Brrr! Glad you can stay home and stay warm. And as to your OLW, I was thinking of KIND as well. Good luck in the New Year!

  6. Peg D says:

    We are due to go back tomorrow but have a windchill advisory until 9am so we’ll see if we end up with a delay. We are 1:1 so any cancellation leads to e-learning.
    Good luck when you have to make the days up. 😀

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