Secret Valentines

One of my favorite times at school is the week leading up to Valentines Day. We draw names and secretly leave little treats in the days before the big day, then have a big reveal in a quick after school meeting on the day. I have fun thinking of what my valentine would like. This year’s treats for my friend who likes cheesy and salty snacks, Legos, and cooking included a can of Pringles, Goldfish crackers, a mini set of Legos, and the newest issue of Food Network magazine. But the most fun was collecting these ingredients for Italian cooking…


I love this week of giving and the way it brings us together and strengthens friendships.

At the same time this year, we are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness with a hallway board for write-ups and photos of kids caught being kind and a workroom board for staff.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone.

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4 Responses to Secret Valentines

  1. What a nice way to still have ‘secret friends’ and not add to the craziness of Christmas. Enjoy the reveal!

  2. Ramona says:

    You’re a creative gift giver. It’s fun to share the fun with friends at school (and a great way to take the pressure off romantic love). I love your gift reveal.

  3. cvarsalona says:

    Diane, I love the idea of secret valentines. Your Italian offering is wonderful.

  4. Secret Valentines! What a lovely idea. And like Kristi said, it takes away something from the December holidays so that they don’t feel quite as busy.

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