As I drove to work this morning, I was listening to the radio. People were calling in to talk about the favorite smell they remember from childhood.(Can you tell I was having trouble coming up with something to write about?)

Some things that were mentioned I could really identify with. The number one answer was a box of new crayons. I remember that. I loved a brand new box of crayons, especially when I got the big box, the one that had a built-in sharpener. I still think the color names can be enchanting. I like crayons over markers.


Another smell mentioned was school paste. That smell takes me back to first grade and damp, lumpy art projects. Unlike some kids, I never tried eating it even though I liked the smell.

I can take a deep breath and imagine many smells that come from my childhood. My favorite? It’s hard to pick only one, but the one that immediately popped into my head- my dad’s Old Spice. It still makes me miss him after decades.

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2 Responses to Smells

  1. mcoop1st says:

    Isn’t it funny that we can remember smell from the past? I remember the smell of new crayons too! My family could not afford them so when I got my own I made sure to take care of them. I never shared them either!!

  2. luckygurl says:

    So sweet! And an interesting topic. I feel like I’d have trouble really remembering most smells from my childhood.

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