Silly Moment

I like to get my nephews a little something for most holidays. I noticed the display of Easter candy while I was shopping. Knowing my nephews would get plenty of candy in their Easter baskets, I wanted to get them something different. I just happened to spot them across the aisle from the Easter candy… beach towels. Knowing my nephews will spend a lot of time at the pool as soon as it opens, I thought the food-themed, round towels would be fun. So I picked up the hamburger and the pizza for them.

I spent some time with them yesterday and gave them the towels. The 12 year old was appreciative, but not too impressed. The 3 year old, though, was excited and had fun being silly as only a 3 year old can. When he put the towel over his head, the round shape was just right to turn him into a “pizza ghost.” Walking around saying “I’m a pizza ghost” is hilarious if you are three! And the giggles are contagious!

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7 Responses to Silly Moment

  1. Juliette says:

    Isn’t it great that children can be so creative, “Pizza ghost?” Encouraging play can bring out so much creativity.

  2. Pizza ghost? I can just picture him running around saying “pepperoni” in a ghostly voice. The 12 year old probably likes it, he may be too cool to let you know.

  3. Natasha says:

    I think “pizza ghost” is pretty funny, even if you’re not 3. 🙂 Maybe the 12-year old’s problem was that “hamburger ghost” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. I love this line: “being silly as only a 3 year old can”. It’s so true!

  4. arjeha says:

    The uninhibited joy of a three year old. I sure he made a cute “pizza ghost”.

  5. Tim Gels says:

    Oh my gosh now I want to be a pizza ghost!

  6. mcoop1st says:

    Thank you for the idea. I always wonder what to get my grandchildren so now I know. Great idea!

  7. Ramona says:

    I love that you thought outside the (candy) box and looked for something they will use all summer long. There’s nothing like the silliness of a three year old. And their giggles are the best! Twelve year olds are too cool for silliness, but I bet he still likes his beach towel.

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