What Are You Reading?

I was at an appointment. As usual, I was reading to redeem the wait time. The nurse asked what I was reading. I had just started The Wild Robot Escapes. I explained I read a lot of children’s literature, both for school and because I enjoy it. Then I said the “grown-up” book I recently finished was The Husband’s Secret. She asked what I thought. I said, “Oh, my gosh!” She said, “My mom just read it, and that’s exactly what she said!”

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6 Responses to What Are You Reading?

  1. Ramona says:

    Love this phrase: “reading to redeem the wait time.” Sometimes I’m secretly happy for wait time because it’s found reading time.My book club read The Husband’s Secret and I listened to part of it on audio, but just couldn’t stick with it. I’m definitely better with middle grade. Have you read Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes? It’s definitely my new favorite. I need to request The Wild Robot Escapes.

    • It was hard getting through that book. It was intense and there was such a twist at the end. I don’t have a book club, but I thought there could be quite a conversation around the book. I will look for Ghost Boys. I haven’t read it, but I have seen the title popping up in a lot of places. I think you will enjoy the robot, too.

  2. bevbaird says:

    I always have a book on hand – in the car, waiting for appts. Great phrase to use to describe that time of reading. Will have to check out these books.

  3. elsie says:

    Posts like this always make me open the library’s search page and request something. Then when I get notice it’s in, I wonder who prompted me to read this. I will be checking out a few of the titles you mentioned.

  4. arjeha says:

    I never go to any appointments anymore without a book or my kindle. I can’t see sitting wasting time listening to whatever TV show is blaring in the background.

  5. Mukhamani says:

    I too enjoy children’s book. They are such fun. My kindle and a book is always with me 🙂

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