A Friendly Valentine

Last week with the Valentine frenzy building up at school (candy, cupcakes, pizza, takis- you name it, they bring it- even though, officially, we have no Valentine parties), a student asked me what I was doing on Valentines Day. “Oh, not much,” I replied. I really thought the answer was “nothing, nothing at all.”

But on Valentines Day, I got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to meet for coffee after school. I did. She showed up with a gift bag. I was surprised! She said I know some days can be melancholy when you are alone. We had a good time sipping our lattes and chatting.

Then Sunday night while watching the Elvis special, I enjoyed my gift- a rose scented candle. It was perfect while enjoying the Yolanda Adams and
Carrie Underwood gospel music segment of the program.

I am blessed to have such a good friend.


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3 Responses to A Friendly Valentine

  1. I’ve never really been into this “holiday.” I actually wrote a post several years agao about a man in our town who had a special place in his heart for widows. He held a widows ball every year on this day. I didn’t know him, but he must have been a special man just like your friend! And what a special rose you received!

  2. arjeha says:

    What a wonderful friend you have. I am sure that every time you light the candle you will remember her thoughtfulness.

  3. margaretsmn says:

    Valentines Day is on my list of least favorite holidays. Next year I want to remember your post and do something for someone else. Such a sweet gesture. Indeed a special friend.

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