A Day with My Peeps

Today was ESL Teacher PD in my district. I’m sharing our ice breaker activity. You will see why we are such a fun group to be part of.

One of our coaches introduced our opening activity at PD. At first she sounded more like a proud mom, showing us a picture of her son who won in the science fair at his school. His project compared the flight stats of different paper airplanes. Then she explained we were going to rate our experience with the recently completed WIDA ACCESS testing, and send our feedback to our testing coordinator (aka our data/tech coach). We all got a sheet of paper to write our “glows” and “grows,” and did a couple of pair/shares. Then we chose the name of one of three different paper airplanes designs to describe how our testing went. The choices were “no surprises”- The Classic, “lots of creativity required to complete the job”- The Nakamura, or “worst ever”- The Raptor (that was me this year- first time ever I had to transcribe a student book and destroy the original due to a nosebleed contaminating the booklet and requiring a report to the DOE). After creating our planes according to the folding directions we were given, we lined up and aimed our planes toward our data coach. He was a good sport, even though he is not the type who enjoys our crazy ice breakers. The five planes that flew the farthest won. Mine was second!! My prize? Mr. Sketch Scented Markers! I see some new anchor charts in my future.

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3 Responses to A Day with My Peeps

  1. Jaana says:

    PD days are always more fun when you know how to have fun! Glad you are part if a great team!

  2. arjeha says:

    PD can be long, drawn out, and boring. Fun makes it bearable and lets learning take place.

  3. Tracy Brosch says:

    Scented markers are a real score! Sounds like a good start to the day.

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