First Walkie


Yesterday evening I got a text with some photos from my daughter. The caption read “First Walkie of the Warm Season.” She said Charlie, my granddog, was so happy on his walk that he insisted he didn’t want to turn back to go home. She gave in and kept walking. When they did get home, he just flopped down on the floor exhausted.

I know several people who don’t like texting. They want to get a call, not a text. I have been a fan of texting ever since my daughter began texting me while she was away at college. She has continued since she got married. She doesn’t live that far away, and I see her and talk to her pretty often, but I’d probably miss a lot of slices of her life without the texts.

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2 Responses to First Walkie

  1. arjeha says:

    I am a fan of text in that the time to call and talk isn’t always there but a few lines of texts can be sent quickly.

  2. Keeping in touch with our children helped us – reluctantly – start texting. Now I realize how convenient it is – people can reply at their own best time. And it is always great to stay in touch – with pictures, too!

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