A Good Book

Over the past few days, I read a good book- The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler by John Hendrix. If you love history, and you are looking for a book to share with middle grades/YA readers to help them love history, too, this is a good book for that. A graphic novel, it explains the inexplicable- how a nation of good people fell under Hitler’s spell, and, for the young person to whom WWII seems a distant and vague event in history, it makes the story understandable. If you are inspired by faith lived, not just talked about, and you are looking for a book to share that life with a younger reader, this is a good book for that. Faithful Spy shows the development of Bonhoeffer’s faith from his youth through the untimely end of his life in a Nazi concentration camp. If you love books that combine art with words, this is a good book for that. The illustrations and  artistic lettering bring the story to life.

If you like collecting quotes from books, this is a good book for that. A quote that struck a chord for me came from Bonhoeffer’s personal life. While he was held in a Nazi prison, one of the tactics used to demoralize him was the way his captors would bring Maria, his fiance, to visit him. They would be allowed to talk, but Maria would be whisked away unexpectedly. Dietrich wrote about the effect of these visits in a letter to a friend: “In my experience, nothing tortures us more than longing.” These words reveal the humanity of a “hero of the faith,” a man who seemed larger than life, but was, after all, like all of us.

If you are looking for a good book to read and share, this is a good book for that.


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3 Responses to A Good Book

  1. caroline524 says:

    I am familiar with his story. I didn’t realize YA had a book about him. I will pick one up. Thanks.

  2. arjeha says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have some friends who are always on the lookout for books that bring history to life so I will share this title with them.

  3. bevbaird says:

    Sounds like an amazing book – perfect in these times of rising white supremacy. If teens can see what Hitler did, they can be more critical of current leaders

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