Time Travel

A news feature about “time travel” sent me back in time. A couple was reunited with the husband’s prized Corvette that was stolen just months after they got married nearly 50 years ago. No, my hubby didn’t have a Corvette when we got married- we had to borrow a car for our honeymoon! Our first car was a Rambler Rebel that his first Sargent from the aircraft radio repair shop he worked in as an Airman at Moody Air Force Base sold to us for $1. No kidding. The same car Sgt. Harrelson “This ain’t no resort, I didn’t take you to raise” repaired for a fee of a plate of brownies when the timing chain and gear went out. By the way, in spite of his favorite saying, the Sargent contributed to the “raising” of many young airmen, teaching them a work ethic that would serve them well throughout adult life.

The wife on the news joked she used to say her husband set up the whole thing so she would never get to drive the Corvette. I remembered how my husband was always the driver wherever we were going in the early days of our marriage.

One of the pieces of evidence used to prove the Corvette belonged to them was a snapshot of the two of them posing by the car. It was that photo that sent me back in time because I have one just like it. The husband was wearing a pair of plaid pants much like my hubby had back in the day. So cool. They were standing beside the car, he with his arm around her waist. The exact pose we took in our picture.  The brilliant smiles of young love and pride of car ownership (no matter theirs was a Corvette, ours a Rambler)- the happiness is as clear in the photos as the physical objects and people are.

That happiness has me smiling today. Time travel. We should all take that trip to a happy place from time to time.



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5 Responses to Time Travel

  1. I would love to time travel to a happy place from time to time as well! Glad you were reminded of those fond memories.

  2. vanessaw2007 says:

    This slice is so fun… loved traveling in time with you… and oh. I so remember those plaid pants… too fun.

  3. arjeha says:

    What a wonderful time travel. It is amazing the things that can and do jog our memories.

  4. Jaana says:

    Time travel would be very intriguing. There could be a time or two in my past that I would like to revisit. Thanks for sharing your memories!

  5. daniellecaryn says:

    Such an interesting mix of storytelling, memory and gratitude!

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