I Got My Sticker, and So Did They

I got up early this morning and went to my polling place on the way to school. So I was proudly wearing my “I voted” sticker all day.

Our third grade classes have been learning about voting and elections the past few weeks. They voted for their favorite cookie (Oreo beat out chocolate chip). They watched videos and read texts, taking notes, which they used in brochures they created with facts and text features telling who can vote, how we vote, and what we vote for. Later this week, they will be imagining their own “brand” of cereal, designing a cereal box, and pitching it in a commercial- then voting for the most persuasive.

Today they went on a field trip- to our school gym, the neighborhood polling place.

They got “I voted” stickers, too.

Planting new seeds of democracy…

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5 Responses to I Got My Sticker, and So Did They

  1. What a great experience. It truly does plant those seeds when we can give kids memorable experiences like the one you describe here.

  2. arjeha says:

    Great ways to introduce students to the importance of voting.

  3. Relevant, informational, and super invested – I love it! Although… I totally would have voted the chocolate chip ticket. 🍪❤️

  4. Ramona says:

    All of our mailing is by mail and I miss the physical act of going to the polling place. I grew up with our home being a polling place, so I have special memories connected to election day. Kudos to you for leading the next generation to think about the process.

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