Going to the Spring Fling!


I am accepting the invitation to the Spring Fling. Since the theme of the party is self-care, I am imagining us together on the porch of a country bed-and-breakfast in white rocking chairs and porch swings., looking out at wildflowers and just beyond, a beckoning forest path.

The first thing I have brought to share is a small collection of devotional books. Finding time for prayer, reading, and reflection each day gives us peace and focus.


Another thing is a collection of cookbooks and recipes. Whether for family favorites, something quick to fix, the go-to for a potluck, comfort food, or a show-stopper, most of us have at least one recipe to share. So I would bring my mom’s old recipe box… and maybe others have special recipes passed down through generations. I’d bring my personal favorite cookbook, too. Like me, maybe others have cookbooks from your church or a group you belong to, or one related to an author and a fictitious, but well-loved community.


Finally, I would bring a reminder. Keep the windows open at home, and lay out the welcome mat on your own front porch.


And a hostess gift… how about a copy of this year’s Caldecott Medal/Newbery Honor Book:

The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson


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5 Responses to Going to the Spring Fling!

  1. arjeha says:

    Food for the soul and food for the belly. You’e got it all covered. A universal welcome …perfect.

  2. I love all the books you’re bringing! I would definitely be hanging out with you at the party!

  3. Thank you for joining us. Sorry I am just getting to this. Yesterday I was trying to figure things out for next week when we “go live.” Prayer and quiet time is so important right now. I love the idea of sharing recipes! And I would whole-heartedly accept your hostess gift as I have not read that one that yet! Take care!

  4. Fran Haley says:

    These are all such beautiful reminders to care for the spirit as well as the body. Those church recipes are some of the BEST and how those daffodils light up the morning!

  5. What wonderful reminders to find peace in spirituality, comfort in cooking, and an open mind during these isolated times. Take care and stay safe.

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