Sorting Day

Today was sorting day. No, I wasn’t at Hogwarts and no sorting hat was involved… though maybe a hat would have made it more festive. (Doubt it!) No, it was the day the plastic containers and lids were finally so out of control I couldn’t ignore them any more. I have a tub I keep them in so they won’t take over the whole kitchen, and so they‘ll be reasonably handy for stashing leftovers away or packing a lunch (not as many of those since I’ve been working at home most days- that’s about to change as we begin a phased-in return to school October 5). Still, it had gotten to the point I needed to sort through what seemed like dozens of pieces to find a container and lid that matched every time I needed one. I really don’t get how that happens- I always use them in matched pairs- so how do they become so disorderly? Oh, well, for now they are back in order, and I’m hoping once again they’ll stay that way. But probably not…

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4 Responses to Sorting Day

  1. This is such a universal mystery!🤷🏼‍♀️How does this happen? I resorted to buying glass bowls/containers that I store with the lids on! Blessings on your start phasing back to in person learning.

  2. Julie says:

    I need a sorting day for just this kind of thing! And how do I have so many tiny containers that won’t fit actual food? I hope everything goes well with the return to school!

  3. Ruth Ayres says:

    Hannah, our oldest, is a master at Sorting. Our “container shelf” is contained because of her!

  4. I had the same problem with overwhelming plastic containers. It was by accident that I discovered the lids snap together and the containers stack well within one-another. I’m still amazed!

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