Not exactly “trending,” but I saw it several times scrolling Twitter and Facebook… a reminder from our superintendent.

Today is PIT Day and there is no school for students.

What is PIT Day you ask? Can you guess?

The acronym (apt or unfortunate, depending on your viewpoint, I guess) stands for Parents in Touch. It is our biannual parent- teacher conference day. We have the first in September and the second in March. Commonly called Pit Day, rarely called Parents in Touch Day.

Who could forget it? Not the teachers, who put a great deal of preparation into it and gain so much insight into their students. After spending so much time yesterday wrangling the schedules of five interpreters for conferences with parents of our bilingual students, I am not going to forget. Students, happy for the mid-week day off, won’t forget (though on the days when we were doing it in person, a large number of them tagged along with parents and showed up at school). And parents don’t forget, juggling work and child care schedules to make time for their 15 minute appointments.

But there are those who don’t make it. Despite the goal to conference with 100% of parents, a few will slip between the cracks. Especially this year. I am sure they don’t forget. It is a reminder that we have families with difficult circumstances. A reminder how important the school-family relationship is in supporting our students. We cannot forget.

PIT Day… Parents in Touch.

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4 Responses to REMINDER

  1. lvahey says:

    This post has such empathy for families in it – thank you for that grace for others. It’s lovely to read and to feel. Happy connecting!!!

  2. This is a thorough description of the before, during and after stages of what we called Parent Conferences. They are draining and fulfilling at the same time. Hope all goes/went well.

  3. arjeha says:

    I have always had mixed feelings about parent conference days. Yes, is is always good to see parents and learn more about students through their parents. The problem for me was that I rarely saw the parents of the students I needed to see. Many people don’t realize that preparing for parent conferences is as much work as preparing for a class of students.

  4. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    That school-parent connection is so important. I wish we would get a PIT day. We get part of a day off to make those contacts, but we also have to stay late. I hope you have a high percentage and get to tell parents all the wonderful things about their kids!

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