Grand Canyon

I almost went to the Grand Canyon this morning. Have you been there? Sunny Arizona. Deep, craggy valleys. Majestic views. Crowds of tourists.

Yeah, that’s not the one. The one I nearly visited did have deep, craggy sides. But it was in the middle of the road. It would have eaten one of my tires had I not narrowly missed it. Or worse, I could have been in a multi-car accident had there been crowds of tourists heading the same way.

Be careful out there, everybody! It’s pothole season. A Grand Canyon could be waiting for you.

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8 Responses to Grand Canyon

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Diane, you got me with your twist in your slice. Wonderful lead up to the punch line! My husband and I were talking about potholes when visiting our new home in Virginia. In Gainesville, we are not finding nasty potholes like those on Long Island. It was good thing that you did not visit that particular Grand Canyon and yes, I have visited the beautiful wonder.

  2. mrssurridge says:

    I love how you turned your trip to the Grand Canyon to your actual morning experience that WASN’T the Grand Canyon. They need to put up tourist signs on those potholes so you can see them coming and you actually have a choice if you want to visit.

  3. arjeha says:

    Are you sure you weren’t driving in Pennsylvania?

  4. JenniferM says:

    Oh yikes! This twist cracked me up! What a creative way to describe a mundane event!

  5. Tim Gels says:

    Diane, you had me going there with your opening paragraph before you brought me back to reality! As coincidence would have it, I spent an hour today having a tire repaired (nail puncture). It was a nice to catch up on some reading, but I’d just as soon avoid the experience…and the potholes!

  6. Oh my, yes. My son is 15 and driving us around a lot. He is learning this the hard way. I should say, we all are being reminded.

  7. Oh such a great slice, so well told with minimal words, just so much fun!

  8. Ramona says:

    Love this slice of a pothole (Grand Canyon) avoided!

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