I Can Hardly Wait!

Spring Break is getting closer. We all are so ready for some extended time off to recharge. I was thinking, though, it would be just another week at home. I’m still not comfortable with the idea of traveling, and I will only be a week past my second dose of the vaccine when the break begins. But my brother and sister-in-law will be driving West to visit my nephew and his wife who recently moved SO FAR away. And I am going to dog sit at my brother’s house at the lake… about an hour from my house. Look at the views below- it will a vacation trip, relaxing and renewing. I can hardly wait!

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7 Responses to I Can Hardly Wait!

  1. I am soooo ready for Spring Break! The only plans I have are to recharge and find a way to finish the school year strong.

  2. The lake looks lovely! I am so looking forward to break even though we won’t be traveling either. It will be great to just have a change in routine. Enjoy your break!

  3. arjeha says:

    Enjoy that terrific view.

  4. chuizar says:

    That view, that sunset will definately help recharge. Enjoy!

  5. What a great opportunity to relax and soak up that view!

  6. Ramona says:

    So excited you’ll have time at the lake to relax, renew, and recharge. Enjoy every moment!

  7. Enjoy! Ours is next week, and I am looking forward to it!

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