Best Thing Today

If I don’t write soon, the day will slip away without a slice! I don’t want that to happen, so I told myself to think of the best thing today. The first thing that popped into my mind was the Blue Jay I saw early this morning. What a beautiful bird! Several shades of blue, highlighted by black and white.

Tonight I googled “blue jay” and watched a video and read a few facts. I was thinking about how I’ve always heard blue jays are mean, but when I saw the blue jay this morning, it made me smile. The video said there are many other birds that are more aggressive. Their call is very loud, maybe that is partly where they get the mean reputation. Both male and female blue jays have the same coloring, very unusual in the world of birds. The male is usually larger. For birds, blue jays have a long life span. Many are found to live close to ten years. They are in the crow family and are very clever. They have unique personalities and observant bird watchers can get to know them individually.

I will look for that blue jay again. I’d like to get to know him!

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4 Responses to Best Thing Today

  1. Ramona says:

    This post made me smile and wonder. Is a bluejay the same as a bluebird? So glad the morning’s bluejay sent you on a path of learning.

  2. karpenglish says:

    Wonderful! I like blue jays, and they are very interesting to observe in my neighborhood. My son had to do a bird project for school in the fall, and the one that came up as a personality match for him was the blue jay, so we’ve been paying a lot of extra attention to them! I had no idea they were part of the crow family. We are also big crow fans here, because they are my husband’s favorite bird.

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