Old Memories

You never know when they are going to come back, old memories. I was watching American Idol tonight and a young singer performed an old country song, Silver Wings. It took me back a long time, to the 1970s, sitting in the NCO Club at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan. I was a young wife, and my young husband was an airman. He was a country music fan, too, and it was country music night at the club. A band of Japanese singers was performing Silver Wings. I remember a fun night and feel so much nostalgia for how young we were then, both carefree and earnest. Carefree and able to just enjoy being together. Earnest, trying to figure out who we were and who we wanted to become.

The memory expands to my husband playing his guitar and singing the song at home (he could sing!) and sometimes me singing along (I could not!) just having fun. So glad to have memories that make me smile!

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2 Responses to Old Memories

  1. arjeha says:

    Yes, memories can be triggered by so many things. Glad yours were happy memories.

  2. Ramona says:

    What a joy to share these memories of days gone by! They are a comfort in so many ways.

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