Night Writer

Am I a night writer? I don’t think so, but I have been many times during this March SOLSC. I wonder why. Maybe it’s the pandemic. It has changed the rhythm of things. For weeks at a time on and off during this past year, I didn’t read much. That is not like me! I went through some times of binge watching series on TV. I enjoy watching TV, but I don’t have time for binge watching! Like almost everyone I missed going a lot of places I usually go. I got used to ordering groceries online and just picking up the order. It’s so easy, I may keep on with that. My hair grew longer than I’ve had it since I can’t remember when. About a week longer and I’ll be changing that with my first haircut in over a year. I got back into cooking more than I had for awhile- that’s a change I will keep, both making some old favorites and trying new recipes.

Of course, the change that was hardest on us all has been social distancing. I know we still will need to continue masks and distance in public. But as more of my family members are fully vaccinated, we will be able to see each other more. I am excited about that! Also for getting together with friends. I am ready for porch visits with friends and neighbors again as the weather warms up. Those visits are worth continuing.

Will I still be a night writer? I just don’t know…

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3 Responses to Night Writer

  1. bbutler627 says:

    “Maybe it’s the pandemic. It has changed the rhythm of things” That’s the absolute truth. It has changed the rhythms. Things that are the same just feel different and it’s so strange, especially to be aware of it too! I related to that the most but also the reading part. I read less this past year than in forever, which we had so much time, why not be reading? All back to that rhythm again. A strange but nice reflection on what this year has turned you (and all of us) into. I am a night slicer. I’ve tried not to be every year but I am. This is the first year I’ve legitimately sat down at a blank screen after dark. It’s terrifying! And my typos I’ve yet to go back and fix in 29 nights make me cringe. But maybe it’s that rhythm you speak of that’s gotten me into that too.

  2. Ramona says:

    Oh, I miss night slicing. I used to race the midnight clock (9 pm Pt), but I’ve become a morning or at best afternoon slicer. I’m too nervous to play the evening game, but I still find myself doing commenting at the witching hour. Reading’s been harder for me too.

  3. VanessaVaile says:

    I’m a chronic night writer but tire earlier that I used. Typos and incoherent sentences are the giveaway. So tried staring earlier — notes, drafting, etc — but still found myself finishing late. So I resumed starting late.

    But time is different now — same here with the reading. I may be reading more this month just reading blog posts. The old rhythms may return but I suspect they won’t be quite the same.

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