Here is a poem I wrote a long time ago. As I was looking back through my blog I found I had written several times about watching storms with my dad. I also discovered that most times that I wrote about storms, light was there, too.

Tonight storms are rolling in

I hear the rumble coming closer

Raindrops begin to beat the roof

I remember

I stand on the porch with Dad

We watch the dark clouds

Lightning cracks the sky open

I remember

I face storms in life

Cleansing rains come

And streaks of light

I will remember

Here is another “stormy” poem from a long time ago:

Little Brown Bird

A little brown bird
So tiny,
Spied on a long black utility wire,
An expanse of forbidding dark gray sky

The little brown bird
Across the wire, tail bobbing up and down
His beak wide open, chirping

That little brown bird
Singing his cheerful song
Even as fat drops of rain began falling

One little brown bird
Like a herald of hope spreading a message-
Though storms come, believe our world will

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3 Responses to Storms

  1. Ramona says:

    Love the storm poems you shared, especially this phrase that I’ve shortened:
    “Like a herald of hope . . .
    Though storms come, believe”
    Those are encouraging words, and I love the strength of those nine words.

  2. Julie says:

    I love that little brown bird and the last stanza! That lifted me today!

  3. Loralee says:

    You are a beautiful writer.
    And I love how you said…”I also discovered that most times that I wrote about storms, light was there, too.”

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