Five Alive

He’s up, he’s down
He zooms around 

Walks in to his first day of school
Surrounded by family, bright smile 
Realizes they are leaving, becomes a whirling dervish
His outraged cries, shockingly loud, fill the air
He flails his arms and kicks the teacher trying to keep him in class
Big brother is called back in to stay for awhile
Calmed down, he discovers the classmate next to him speaks his language and makes a friend
The smile returns
He decides to stay… but

He’s up, he’s down 
He zooms around

Stay in his seat? No way!
Be quiet when there’s a friend to talk to? Of course not!
Walk down the hall when you can hop and bop? Why would you?
Just sing the ABCs when the music makes you want to dance? No! Get up out of that chair and dance!
Time to go home? Hug your teacher with abandon!

He’s up, he’s down 
He zooms around

He’s five alive!

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3 Responses to Five Alive

  1. arjeha says:

    Love this. Really captures what it is like to be five and in a new environment.

  2. Amanda Potts says:

    Oh yes – this is, indeed, five. I love the vivid descriptions

  3. cvarsalona says:

    Wonderful description of an active five-year-old, Diane.

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