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Secret Valentines

One of my favorite times at school is the week leading up to Valentines Day. We draw names and secretly leave little treats in the days before the big day, then have a big reveal in a quick after school … Continue reading

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One Minute till Bedtime

My third copy of this book of poems arrived today. A third family will be getting it as a baby gift. Each one was for a special and cherished baby. The first was for my niece and her husband’s first … Continue reading

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Celebrating Kelly

I just arrived at Butler University for a day with Kelly Gallagher sponsored by Indiana Partnership for Young Writers. Scholarships are provided for teachers from my district to attend. Teachers are filling the room, chatting, getting coffee and pastries, and … Continue reading

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Look to the Sky

When I left school yesterday, I was treated to a welcome sight. The sun was shining! It was a clear, cold winter day. It felt so uplifting to see the sun and the blue sky. I could feel my spirit … Continue reading

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Celebrating Saturday Morning Rain

I woke to the sound of rain Softly falling and Since it was Saturday I indulged in the luxury and Let the lullaby lull me Right back to sleep

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Winter’s Obstacle Course

Driving down the street With my fellow commuters On the way to work- Almost there No big slow-downs This morning Then I see it Huge and gaping A tire-hungry pothole Cars in front Behind and beside Nowhere to escape Clunk! … Continue reading

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Celebrating Two Essays

This week I read two essays that moved me. Maybe you have read them, too. The first by Matt de laPena and the second, a response by Kate DiCamillo. De la Pena wrote “Why We Shouldn’t Shield Children From Darkness” … Continue reading

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