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Celebrating Cats

These two cats have lived in my house a long time. At times they’ve tried my patience, clawing on furniture and otherwise making a mess. But they have provided a lot of entertainment, kitty love, and writing inspiration. I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Celebrating Fun with Pets

My daughter is an animal lover. She has mounted many a campaign to bring another animal home. We were supposed to have just one cat (we have two). Our first cat, though, is completely my daughter’s. This cat tolerates the … Continue reading

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Little Brown Rabbit

Little brown rabbit with a cotton tail Sitting in the grass beside the road Ears perked up, head turning from side to side, Are you thinking of hopping across? Little brown rabbit with twitching nose Making me smile when I … Continue reading

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Come Back for a Minute

As my friend and I left the cafeteria after our breakfast duty and headed for our classroom, we took the shortcut outside. She was a few steps ahead of me, so when I said, “Oh, look,” the building was blocking … Continue reading

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The Cat Wants to Write

My cat Taff is back next to me, after having abandoned me during the week my daughter was home from college on spring break. It is difficult to type as he likes to get as close as he can to … Continue reading

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Just Doesn’t Look Like Tennessee

My sister had two dachshunds- Oscar Mayer and Jimmy Dean. Sadly, Oscar lost his battle with the ailments of old age earlier this year. At the time my sister declared she would not get another dog. It wasn’t long, though … Continue reading

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My Cat

I’m always saying, “Oh, you silly cat!” But I wonder, where’s the truth in that? My cat is smart, not silly at all- Happy chasing a spot of light on the wall, Completely content basking in the sun Or in … Continue reading

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My Cat

My cat sits at the window Feet tucked under, Tail wrapped snugly around his body, Ears perked up. Calmly he listens to birds chirping outside I watch and wait, expecting he will pounce But no, he stretches upward, turns and … Continue reading

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No Poem…Yet

An owl perched serenely on a telephone wire. This is a line from what I wrote last Tuesday for Slice of Life. I’d love to see where an entire poem about the owl would go… 🙂 These are words from … Continue reading

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It is just ordinary to see a bird in the trees as you are driving down the road. You only have a few seconds, though, to notice the extraordinary. A brilliant flash of red catches your eye. “Cardinal!” your brain … Continue reading

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