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Still We Celebrate

So much is going on in the world. Terrorism and crime- another tragedy with every news report. Politics at a frenzied pace. Sadness struck close personally, too. Four girlfriends together for an annual girls’ night at our local dinner theater. … Continue reading

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Afternoon Rain

I was driving home from an appointment when I noticed the sky turning gray. There was a huge cloud that seemed to cover nearly the whole sky. But in contrast, there was a lighter cloud in the shape of a … Continue reading

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Do you know what your students are reading?

I suppose most of us teachers at least think we know the answer, know what our students are reading. But consider what Matt de la Pena said in his Newbery speech. He said he didn’t consider himself a reader, “but … Continue reading

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Celebrating All-Write

My first All-Write. The conference I have wanted to attend, seems like forever. I finally got there! And it was wonderful! There was so much anticipation to meet friends I have known for a long time, but hadn’t met in … Continue reading

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31 Titles

Welcome Challenge The Wedding Shower, The Baby Shower Daisy Head Maysie to Palindromes to Ivan Sweet Mama, Heard Any Good Lines Lately? Haiku for Spring Young Writer, Bits and Pieces, Cutie, ABC, Friendship is Not Always Easy, Don’t like the … Continue reading

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We Are

Terrorists struck again We are horrified We are distressed We are worried We are outraged We are angered We are saddened We are grieved But we refuse to be terrorized.

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A Ardent Christian- I want others to see Jesus in me B Blue- my favorite color C College graduate- first in my family D Diane, Di, Di-di- my middle name, not my first, but the one I have always gone … Continue reading

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A Tribute

One of a parent’s worst fears- for our children to be in danger when we are not with them; one of our most desperate wishes when such a tragedy strikes- for a hero to be there to protect and help … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Writing from 2015

Year-end is a good time to reflect and remember before moving into all the newness of the next year. I looked back over my slices to find some of my favorites. So here are a few lines and reflections about … Continue reading

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This and That

Here are a few snippets of the holiday season… Staff Shenanigans We had an “ugly sweater contest” the last day of school. The afternoon before, at staff meeting, one of our minority of men (we are an elementary school, with … Continue reading

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