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Sadness Rains Down

Sadness rains down And a little boy can’t understand His mama lies still, so still… “Daddy, when will she wake up?” In her arms a quiet baby, so quiet… “Daddy, can we take my brother home?” Sadness rains down And … Continue reading

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Surprise! Surprise!

One evening last week, I impulsively decided to stop for some country comfort food on the way home from school. I really wallowed in that comfort, too, and ordered breakfast for supper. I was alone, yet in good company as … Continue reading

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On the Way to Sunshine

Driving along the freeway, nearly overwhelmed by the sea of red tail lights I followed and the waves of white head lights coming toward me on the other side, I almost missed the great transformation as night gave way fully … Continue reading

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Choice…a word full of potential, motivation. Choice…a doorway to creativity, accomplishment. WHY are some so afraid to allow teachers… and students to have it?

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A Day of Waiting

A friend, now living several states away, was scheduled to have surgery July 23 for a cancer that has come back for a second battle. Surgery to include a cutting-edge, proving to be highly effective, new treatment. Her condition took … Continue reading

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Life Goes On

So much that we treasure Can be gone in an instant We are stronger than we know We can rebuild, keep on We can endure loss If we hold on to hope In the midst of tragedy God is with … Continue reading

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Out My Window (Again)

A few days ago I wrote about what I saw looking out my window as the sun set. I was looking out the same window tonight. There was no glow. No color. The cloudy gray sky simply went dark. Maybe … Continue reading

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A Reminder: Life is Short

My daughter got some news about a high school friend today. Just twenty years old, slightly younger than my daughter, he died suddenly, unexpectedly, of heart failure. He was a funny and talented guy. Throughout his years in orchestra, he … Continue reading

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Hello, Moon

The sky was overcast, Dark gray- Night lingering, Day on its way, When the moon Came along to play Hide and seek with me, Peeking out from behind A curtain of clouds. First appeared A lopsided grin Along the edge, … Continue reading

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North Star

I step outside My eyes are drawn up to the sky Dark still, but clear Bright stars scattered across Guiding North Star Shining brightest- Constant, true I needed to see that- Hope gathered Once again Within me

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