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Comfort Food

Are there foods that take you back in time, that offer comfort through memories of great times with special people as much as the comfort of familiar, favorite foods when you are hungry? This evening when I left school a … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Giving

Brothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, sons and daughters, son-in-law and daughter-in-law all joined hands in a big circle. One brother led the blessing for our traditional Christmas breakfast, usually presided over by Mom. With amens said, there was a moment’s pause. Then … Continue reading

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Golden Books

Were some of the first books on your bookshelves, like mine, Little Golden Books? In my early childhood days, they sold for just 25 cents…although the price started going up- in 1962, it was raised to 29 cents. Now the … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Salute

I was born an Army brat, though that phase of my life passed while I was too young to know or remember it. When I was married, my husband was in the United States Air Force. He completed that service … Continue reading

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Random Recent Events and Thoughts

Here are a few things that have been going on lately- couldn’t seem to decide what to write today, so I thought I would just do a list and see what popped up. 1. I didn’t want to see it, … Continue reading

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It’s Hot, It’s Humid

We have been blessed with mild weather this summer. Some have complained it hasn’t really been summer weather at all. The forecasters have speculated endlessly about when or if we were going to hit the 90 degree mark. So far … Continue reading

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Outside the City

I drove out to my sister’s in rural Indiana this afternoon. It isn’t far from the city, really- just a 45 minute drive. The scenery, though, is so different. Corn stalks in the fields stand taller than me, Lush emerald … Continue reading

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