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Six Months of Slicing

I started my blog for the March Challenge at Two Writing Teachers, and after completing that, I have kept on writing and posting each Tuesday. Just over fifty posts in six months seemed like a good time to look back over all the posts … Continue reading

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Thoughts on March (slice 31)

March has been different this year. I tried the Slice of Life Challenge. What a challenge it was! Coming up with ideas, finding (ok, taking) time, writing, reading, commenting, checking and re-checking for comments. Typing captchas over and over, trying … Continue reading

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Reading with My Daughter (slice 30)

Maria said in her post today, “Penultimate (that’s a great word, isn’t it)” It’s that word that brought to mind what to write about today. It reminded me of reading A Series of Unfortunate Events with my daughter, all the … Continue reading

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The Books of My Poem (slice 29)

I was touched to receive so many positive comments about my book spine poem. After reading the poems others created, I wanted to try it, too. I kept going through my book shelves at home, looking for the right books … Continue reading

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Faith Book Spine Poem (slice 28)

FAITH A Light from Heaven Amazing Grace The Living Bible Voices of the Faithful Making the Word Known Until He Comes

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A Curves Woman (slice 27)

push, pull, bend, squat, walk reach, breathe, stretch, burn calories getting healthier fruit, veggies, whole grains lean meat, water, cut calories getting healthier

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Another Sign of Spring (slice 25)

It’s another sign of spring when the chicks and ducks appear at Tractor Supply. My daughter was there this weekend, and she came home with pictures, and the following conversation(though it was largely one-sided): Ducks! Don’t you want a duck? … Continue reading

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