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Mom’s Things 3

Here are some more of Mom’s things I am writing about to keep the memories: When Mom was a young bride in the 1950’s she didn’t know a lot about cooking or baking. That changed and she became a great … Continue reading

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Hope, it has been said Is that thing with feathers That sings and Never stops at all Hope deferred, The Scripture says, Makes the heart sick Hope, sing in my heart Keep me well I will hope

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Rain, Rain

Rain, rain, you don’t have to go away tonight. You belong here in spring to help bring out the green. Your soft pitter-patting on the roof is such a soft, pleasant, and soothing sound. You will lull me into a … Continue reading

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Yum, Yum

My sister and I eat out together fairly often. We both like Mexican restaurants, but there is one food served there that we do not agree on. She finds it tasteless. She can’t stand the texture or the color. If … Continue reading

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Early Spring Day

Wind whips through the air and Tree branches laden with buds Shiver

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Life Goes On

So much that we treasure Can be gone in an instant We are stronger than we know We can rebuild, keep on We can endure loss If we hold on to hope In the midst of tragedy God is with … Continue reading

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My Cat

My cat sits at the window Feet tucked under, Tail wrapped snugly around his body, Ears perked up. Calmly he listens to birds chirping outside I watch and wait, expecting he will pounce But no, he stretches upward, turns and … Continue reading

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The Jobs I Have Had

What jobs have you had through the years? Here are mine: My first job was babysitting. I was well qualified, being the oldest of four and frequently called on to help out with my siblings. So on my first paid … Continue reading

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Heard in the Lunchline

Pat, pat. She touched my arm to get my attention. She isn’t my student (I have 3rd-6th graders, not K), but she knows I’m a teacher. She sees me each morning at breakfast (my daily duty). “Guess what? I’m going … Continue reading

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Let Your Sadness Dwell in Your Heart

Recent experiences of loss and reading expressions of grief from some other writers this month had me thinking of a poem I wrote in a slice some time ago, “Let Your Sadness Rise,” which you can read by clicking here. … Continue reading

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