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What’s Making You Smile?

These are serious days, but there are still things that make us smile. Here are a few of mine: •my friend brought chicken soup from our favorite Mexican restaurant •another friend brought a loaf of cinnamon bread so fresh from … Continue reading

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Little Voice

In a little voice She says, “I’m OK…” But I wonder… It’s such a little voice…

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The lily trumpets Hallelujah! Christ is risen! The lily trumpets Hallelujah! He is risen for you!

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Share the Light

Look to creation Find peace and calm in your heart Beauty surrounds us Watch the birds flying Fulfilling their life purpose We have purpose, too See the sun setting Spreading its bright golden glow Share the light we have

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Coronavirus Butterflies of Indiana

Our governor says IF We all hunker down THEN We’ll make it through SO We’re cocooning at home UNTIL The day we fly freely Written based on “This Photo Wants to Be a Poem” at Margaret Simon’s Reflections on the … Continue reading

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Birds trilling their songs Nudge the day into waking With a thrill of hope

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The Slices of March

Welcome, March Challenge… The Slices of March* A Little Slice of Life*,  Six Words for Today Busy Day Ahead, Firsties Are Great, What Language? Taking Some Advice, Lesson from a Robin*,  New Learning Blue*, Water Flows*, Midnight Storm* Happy St. … Continue reading

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