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A Great Classroom Moment

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with fifth graders as they craft “Where I’m From” poems. Our mentor is George Ella Lyon, a poet laureate of Kentucky and author of many books for children. Friday afternoon … Continue reading

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Young Writer

I just got a text message from my sister’s phone: Yjhg.E;;;;;-.%1&5ikand.p00)Mh H c c c r 1 – I was about to send her a message asking what on earth was wrong with her phone, when I got this follow-up: … Continue reading

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Heard Any Good Lines Lately?

Listening to the radio on my drive to school one morning, I heard the morning crew asking callers with grown children to call in and talk about the things they missed from the time when their children were small. I … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Writing from 2015

Year-end is a good time to reflect and remember before moving into all the newness of the next year. I looked back over my slices to find some of my favorites. So here are a few lines and reflections about … Continue reading

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Quick Write From Teachers Write

See the Thursday Quick Write with author Tracey Baptiste at Kate Messner’s blog. Exercise 1 She flipped on every light as she walked through the house. She stands in the doorway and reaches in to turn on the bedroom light. … Continue reading

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Teachers in a Summer Workshop

This is based on the quick-write at Teachers Write today… to find a fresh place to write and observe people. I was scheduled for an all day workshop today, so I wrote descriptions of a few participants. Will some of … Continue reading

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A Moment of Serenity

Place yourself in the chair. Imprint the image on your mind’s eye and imagine the sound of the creek flowing by, feel the soft touch of the breeze on your face . Close your eyes for a moment and feel … Continue reading

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It is just ordinary to see a bird in the trees as you are driving down the road. You only have a few seconds, though, to notice the extraordinary. A brilliant flash of red catches your eye. “Cardinal!” your brain … Continue reading

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Writing: A Preposition Poem

On my mind In my heart With reflection Through my hand Onto the page For me… For you

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Things Right Now

I’ve been reading the “Be Inspired” notes each day. Always good ideas! Today I am trying it out…but I’m just using the title Things Right Now, leaving out the 10 because I am not really sure how many I will … Continue reading

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