Refreshing, Relaxing

Time with family
Playing with a child
Talking with the grown-ups

Smiling and laughing
Remembering those gone on
Cherishing those present

Soaking up sunshine
Feeling the breeze
Watching the sunset

Refreshing, Relaxing

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What kind of rhyme?

This morning as I drove to school, I passed a truck and noticed the company name… Otto’s Parking Marking. What do you think? A case of a rhyme gone wrong or a smart way to get customers remember the business? I couldn’t decide…

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Be Still

A soft breeze and
The crescent moon
Catch my attention and
Make me pause to be
Present in the moment

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Nursing Home Conversation

Momma(95): Can you look in that drawer and get me a tube of lipstick? I need a new one.

Daughter(60 something): Looks puzzled, then brightens- You mean chapstick?

Momma: nods, grunts

Daughter: Here it is…

Momma: That’s not what I need!

Daughter: But you just said…

Momma: Toothpaste… I meant tube of toothpaste… Starts laughing

Daughter: Belly laugh …At least we kept it all in the mouth…

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Burst of Color, Burst of Joy


Spring trees blossom quickly
One day branches are bare
The next dotted with buds
Then little green leaves appear
And suddenly, a burst of color

It happens year after year
Still, it is a happy surprise
An ordinary miracle-
An extraordinary little
Burst of joy

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Notre Dame

Beauty is burning
Crowds gather- watch, sing, mourn, pray-
Resolve to rebuild

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

A nation’s sorrow
Now visible
Never forget
So great a sorrow

Inspired by Laura Purdie Salas (15 Words or Less)

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