Second Grade Poets

I get thirty minutes twice a week with a second grade class. This month I want to fill the minutes with poetry. Yesterday we read Flutter and Hum, Aleteo y Zumbido:Animal Poems/Poemas de Animales by Julie Paschkis. It is a truly beautiful book… the poems and the illustrations with more lovely words embedded in them to inspire new poems. And bilingual- perfect at my school and maybe yours, too. They loved it! They enthusiastically named an animal they might write a poem about. A lot of them said dogs- their teacher is a dog lover. A few said cats- with sly side glances at their teacher.

Today we read Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku by Lee Wardlaw and some excerpts from Love That Dog by Sharon Creech (the shape poem and the title poem). Then we started talking about words we could use to write poems about cats or dogs. Bet you can guess what happened…

“Bat, hat, rat, mat…”

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Celebrating SOLSC 2018


Ready! Make Way
Seeds, Growing Things
I Can Only Imagine

The Greeter, Sensory Morning, Smells
Fun with Third Graders (and Fifth Graders, too)
Silly Moment, The Arithmetic Dog, Poetry Joy
Dessert is Waiting

Putting Things in Perspective
Celebrating a Life Well-Lived:
A Hero is Laid to Rest

Shoes (on the Capitol Lawn)

The Blankenship Bunch, Family Love
Wedding Bubbles, Happy Anniversary
Celebrating a Little Book Lover
Celebrating a Friend

Two Days, Shopping Day, Party Day
Celebrating Changing Plans
6 Words for Tonight

After March Snow
Sunset at the Lake
Always Remember

This poem uses all the titles of my March 2018 slices. The italicized titles are poems. They are not in order- I grouped them partly for the way they sound together and partly by putting together slices that have a similar theme. Mostly the slices are inspired by something that was going on each day and are like first drafts. Some went through a little revision. The last one is something I have had in my heart and mind a very long time and just finally got it to come together in words.

Thanks to all who have visited newtreemom during this month.

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers team for organizing the challenge.

Thanks to everyone for writing every day. I have enjoyed so many slices-
I’m full! Let’s all keep writing!

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Always Remember

I sat vigil through the night
You woke so many times
“Always remember,”
You said,
“I love you.”
Treasured words that
Have carried me through
All these years.

In the morning
There was so much pain.
“Stay with me,”
You said.
And I did.
But we had to say

You held on
As long as you could
As if you were leading
One last Good Friday service.
And you were.
Family gathered.
We sang Amazing Grace
Even as we grieved.
And you went Home.

“Always remember,
I love you, too.”

In memory, JWA…1952-2000

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Party Day

Today I’m joining Leigh Anne’s party over at her A Day in the Life blog.

Here’s what I’m bringing to the party:

A Favorite Book: A kind of impossible choice, there are so many books to love. One that I’ve enjoyed recently is the picture book After the Fall by Dan Santat. Everyone (well, almost) has heard of Humpty Dumpty and will enjoy the surprise twist at the end- and the fun illustrations and play on words along the way.

A Favorite Person: I will bring my fellow ESL Teacher, Myrna. She was my “roomie” when we traveled from Indy to Tampa for the WIDA conference last fall. We had a great time together, especially on our cruise along the bay on the Pirate Taxi. We found a great local restaurant, had a long, leisurely dinner, followed by the most heavenly cup of coffee (Cuban coffee with cream)I have ever had.

A Favorite Food: I’ll bring good old chocolate chip cookies- home-baked, of course. And peanut butter cookies, too. That’s what my family always asks for. Forget the fancy food.

A Favorite Song: Not a song, but I will bring the mariachi band, Sol Jalisciense, who came to our school this year. They will bring a mix of traditional Mexican music and Tex-Mex hits everyone will recognize. They will surely get us dancing. They are fun and lively!

A Surprise: Mini-posters with a positive quote from the Daily Wonder app. I’ll pick some that have been illustrated by students. They are so great!

I think we will all have a good time!

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Silly Moment

I like to get my nephews a little something for most holidays. I noticed the display of Easter candy while I was shopping. Knowing my nephews would get plenty of candy in their Easter baskets, I wanted to get them something different. I just happened to spot them across the aisle from the Easter candy… beach towels. Knowing my nephews will spend a lot of time at the pool as soon as it opens, I thought the food-themed, round towels would be fun. So I picked up the hamburger and the pizza for them.

I spent some time with them yesterday and gave them the towels. The 12 year old was appreciative, but not too impressed. The 3 year old, though, was excited and had fun being silly as only a 3 year old can. When he put the towel over his head, the round shape was just right to turn him into a “pizza ghost.” Walking around saying “I’m a pizza ghost” is hilarious if you are three! And the giggles are contagious!

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Make Way

I woke to the sound of rain this morning. It was still raining as I headed out on some errands. I was just thinking “Fine day for ducks” when I saw a line of ducks crossing the road in front of me. I braked and paused for them to go by.

It made me think of my third grade teacher reading Make Way for Ducklings. I loved the book and my teacher, too. The story and the faraway city of Boston were enchanting. My teacher was one of the special ones. She lived on a farm- her husband was an Indiana hog farmer. All the kids in the class were invited (in groups of 5-6 girls or boys) to come spend the night at the farm. Just riding in her big (and in my mind, fancy) car was an adventure. Slopping the hogs was a unique experience for us suburbanites- though some of us were only a generation away from farm life. The litter of kittens in the barn was the favorite for my group of girls.

When you are writing every day, it is “make way” for noticing little things and “make way” for remembering, too.

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Family Love

Our babies smile
Sons, daughters, grandchildren
Nephews, nieces, cousins
We smile, too

Hearts swell
Love and laughter flow
Generation to generation

Family love

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