Prayers for These Days

At Easter last year I received a gift from a friend. It is a beautiful book of Psalms, full of calligraphy and designs to color alongside the text of the Psalms. In these days,  the reading, reflection, and coloring are a source of calm and faith.  My friend did not know how great the need would be as we approach Easter this year.  An Easter when we will worship and celebrate together but alone.

The introduction of the book speaks to the  idea that coloring and art journaling plants the inspired words of scripture more deeply in the heart, reflecting our faith journey and becoming a way to remember what we are learning.

I hope in these days, you will find the prayers, the reflections, the meditation that gives you hope. I hope you journal your journey to remember all you learn in these days. That’s one thing I am trying to do… the real gift my friend gave me.



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Rise Above


I want to travel across the water
On the glittering path to the sun

I want to climb to the tops
Of the lacy trees

I want to rise above that
Pure and brilliant orb

I want to float over the golden halo
In a white cloud ship


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Memories Are Being Made

My niece posted a series of pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Her one year old smiling and modeling her big hair bow. The four year old with a proud smile, holding his Lego creation. Brother and sister hugging and happy. Mom and brother wearing hats and making silly faces. Sister wearing sunglasses. Brother posing with construction paper hearts and crayons, making a hopeful decoration for the front door. Siblings grinning and sticking their tongues out. And then…sister and brother side by side on the floor, surrounded by toys… both crying with crocodile tears streaming down, eyebrows furrowed and eyes shut tight. No soundtrack, but I’m sure it was loud.

My niece wrote: Real life over here. We have had ups and downs, but memories are being made.

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Old Words New Again

Looking back through my blog, I encountered some words meant for hope and comfort during other troubling times we have been through. I offer them up again today, when Hope and Comfort are so needed.

Life Goes On

So much that we treasure
Can be gone in an instant

We are stronger than we know
We can rebuild, move on

We can endure loss
If we hold on to hope

In the midst of tragedy
God is with us
Community surrounds us
Life goes on


Hope, it has been said
Is that thing with feathers
That sings and
Never stops at all

Hope deferred,
The Scripture says,
Makes the heart sick

Hope, sing in my heart,
Make me well

I will hope

And reflecting on these old poems and all that is happening now, a new poem for today:

We Hope for You

To you, who have lost
your income,
We hope a future for you
with economic stability

To you, who have lost
your health,
We hope healing for you
with renewed vitality

To you, who are alone,
and lonely
We hope comfort for you,
with loving thoughts we send

To you, who have lost
loved ones,
We hope sympathy for you,
with time to grieve

To us all, who have lost
Let’s keep hope
Our new normal will be OK

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Souvenir of a Sunny Day


You brought me flowers in a bouquet
Blue asters and daisies, simple and sweet
Souvenir of a sunny day
You brought me flowers in a bouquet
I tucked them in a terra cotta vase
With the memories I will keep
You brought me flowers in a bouquet
Blue asters and daisies, simple and sweet

I set out in my slice with the idea of  trying different forms of poetry from the mentor text, A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms by Paul B. Janeczo, using the same inspiration, the painting in the picture above. But I only completed one.

This is a triolet, an 8 line poem with the rhyme pattern abaaabab, with lines 1, 4, and 7 the same, and lines 2 and 8 the same.

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Water Flows


Water flows free here
Clean, refreshing, and safe- Be
Thankful for each drop

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Going to the Spring Fling!


I am accepting the invitation to the Spring Fling. Since the theme of the party is self-care, I am imagining us together on the porch of a country bed-and-breakfast in white rocking chairs and porch swings., looking out at wildflowers and just beyond, a beckoning forest path.

The first thing I have brought to share is a small collection of devotional books. Finding time for prayer, reading, and reflection each day gives us peace and focus.


Another thing is a collection of cookbooks and recipes. Whether for family favorites, something quick to fix, the go-to for a potluck, comfort food, or a show-stopper, most of us have at least one recipe to share. So I would bring my mom’s old recipe box… and maybe others have special recipes passed down through generations. I’d bring my personal favorite cookbook, too. Like me, maybe others have cookbooks from your church or a group you belong to, or one related to an author and a fictitious, but well-loved community.


Finally, I would bring a reminder. Keep the windows open at home, and lay out the welcome mat on your own front porch.


And a hostess gift… how about a copy of this year’s Caldecott Medal/Newbery Honor Book:

The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson


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